May 2019

Types Of Catering Service:

Whenever you go to attend a bridal shower, marriage ceremony, sports program, fundraising ceremony, formal dinners and some business meetings then there you are served with different types of food which are prepared as refreshment. This all arrangement of refreshment is completely organized by the catering companies. It is the duty of catering companies to provide full services in the ceremony. It means that they are responsible for all the details which may include taking order, cooking food, serving the food on the table and after that cleaning all the mess.

There are many catering companies which are working efficiently across the globe and they are hired on special occasions and events so that their services can be enjoyed. Catering companies offer different types of catering services. World is moving continuously. Many deaths and births occur at the same time in this world and the weddings happen somewhere in this world. Not a single wedding reception is assumed to be complete without the wedding meal. So on wedding catering companies are hired to provide their catering services. Corporate catering is another type of catering and more often used catering services. It is specially used on formal events as at office meetings, in training, outdoor formal lunch and dinners which are for meeting purpose. Corporate caterers must be trained and experienced so that they will be able to provide their best services. Corporate caterers act formally and provide their services. Menu that has to be presented is responsibility of the catering company and corporate caterers that it suits best according to the occasion or event. In corporate catering, sometimes corporate caterers offer bento services in which food is packed and parceled. The advantage of this type is it helps to avoid the mess and along with this it is time saving. The parcels are comprised of small disposable boxes which are divided into several parts of meal which has an appetizer, main food and some deserts. Other most probably used catering services are buffet catering Sydney, sit down catering, high tea catering and many others. In any occasion where buffet is required as in a wedding reception, a birthday party, a sports program buffet can be set to offer meal to the guests. In buffet, all meal is set on large tables and guests have to serve them-selves while in sit down catering food is presented on the tables by the caterers and they look after guests if they need anything. High tea catering is mostly used in office meetings as it is arranged after the noon before the evening. A very light menu is selected for high tea.

It is the benefit to hire a catering company that now it is their responsibility to organize and manage all the things. You just have to pay the amount and tell the number of guest arrival and that’s it. The catering companies will deal with the menu that how much amount have to be prepared and what type of services have to be offered. They can arrange a buffet as well as serve on the table to each and every guest along with the beverages. For more information please visit

Do You Know About Q Ride?

Training providers of Q ride deliver the ride courses. Department of transports and main roads accredit it. Look for Q ride provider near you. There are three courses of q rides available for you. These are unrestricted course, restricted course and practical unrestricted and restricted riding test.

The driving examiners of Queensland government deliver the practical test of riding that is called SAFE. The test is designed to evaluate the capability of the motorcyclists of riding safely as well as properly in various road situations on the approved motorcycle of learner as well as on the R motorcycle.

The test of Q ride is only applicable on you if live at the distance of greater than 100 km from the training area of Q ride Gold Coast. Test must be taken:

On the approved motorcycle of learner for the restricted license

On the unapproved learner motorcycle for the unrestricted license

The Q safe test cannot be conducted on the trike, mooed or the registered motorcycle on any condition.

Till now you must have become familiar with Q rude and its eligibility. For booking of Q rides you must contact the department of transport and main roads. Whereas, in some of the rural areas, the police is  visited for issuing the driver licenses for taking tests.

You must remember that the RE learner license for prior to 1 October 2016, then the learner license must be held for the duration of 6 months at least before passing the eligibility of taking Q test.

Pre learner course of Q ride

The course of pre learner of Q ride is designed with the aim to assist new riders for gaining the basic knowledge of riding as well as handling skills of motorcycle in the safe environment prior the motorcyclists learn for riding directly on the roads. Course is also designed for the riders who do not have any riding experience of before. It sheds light on the basics of riding motorcycles inclusive of good road craft, protective gear, controlled braking and riding curves. 34 modules are contained in the prelearner course which are delivered at least over the period of 2 days.

The course is designed with the aim of ensuring to impart knowledge as well as skills to the learner riders for managing the riding situations on routine under proper supervision for instilling good attitudes of also aims for minimizing the possibilities of any harm as a result of inadequate skills and knowledge of riding.