November 2020

Suitable Turf Grass For Melbourne

Do you ever wonder that why the desert is felt as lifeless and jungle seems to be full of life? Whereas even in the desert the there are numerous types of organisms that might be hidden from your eye, but are living in it and will not be able to live in the jungle. Because they have been evolved for deserts, now their habits, skin and nature are perfectly developed for life in the desert. But still, whenever we have to refer something lifeless, we always refer desert. The main reason is the lack of greenery. The jungle or other plains are full of grass, the grass is the synonym for life. This means that if you want to depict life, you need to have greenery in the area. Same is the case with cities in the world, the cities that are counted as beautiful and full of life needs to have a significant area covered with greenery primarily with grass. This is the reason that Governments spend billions of dollars of beautification of the cities and the main elements in that is the introduction of trees and grass. But not every grass is suitable for every city. The grass has to be selected by keeping in many factors in mind. If you need to get the best turf of grass for any specific region. You must know the following things.

  • The climate of the region
  • Availability of water & sunlight
  • Best turf suitable for the region
  • Resource availability to grow the grass

As growing the grass in the specific region requires a lot of resources in terms of water, labour, money and time. So, you don’t want to that grass to get dried every year. Always keep long term plan in your mind and select the best turf accordingly. 

Here when we talk about Melbourne. Melbourne have warm weather; the water is available but not in abundance. When you are saying about the City like Melbourne that has fast life and significant population, then the best grass turf for Melbourne will be those which can withstand all the factors like;

  • Shade tolerance: The best turf for Melbourne, that can grow under direct sunlight. Because in summers, the sunlight will be strong and the grass should be tolerant of Melbourne’s Sun
  • Drought tolerance: The best turf for Melbourne will be that it can live with minimal water. There is not daily rain in Melbourne and watering the grass daily, is costly in terms of money and resources. So, the best turf suitable for Melbourne, that can grow with least water. 
  • Wear Tolerance: When you are planting the grass in the public area, it means that people might walk on it. Putting the signboards for prohibit walk on grass, will reduce the walkers but not eliminate. So, the best turf will be that have higher wear tolerance. 

The popular and best turf for Melbourne can be Buffalo, Couch or Zoysia grasses.